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Increasing Traffic in Underperforming Dayparts

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 | 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

The traditional dayparts of dining have blurred over the years. In addition, the last 18 months with the pandemic have made significant changes in how, when and where food is served in onsite environments. This blurring has challenged operators but also created opportunities. How can operators overcome the challenges posed by the changing marketplace? And what are the opportunities to increase traffic and sales in underperforming dayparts?

Join us as speakers discuss how things have changed, and how you can best take advantage of shifting customer desires in dining times, including:

  • Types of menu items that can attract traffic in new dayparts
  • Use of plant-based items on the menu
  • Adjustments in areas like preparation and packaging to consider non-typical dining times
  • How has COVID changed typical dayparts
  • Labor and staffing concerns as service times stretch
  • Trends now and into the future that will drive where and when dining services are expected




Chef Felix Maietta_90.jpgFelix Maietta
Corporate Executive Chef
Nestle Professional


headshot-orlando-apodaca_90.jpgOrlando Apodaca
Corporate Executive Chef
Nestle Professional


henroid_pic_90.jpgDan Henroid, MS, RD
Director, Nutrition & Food Services
UCSF Health

PamLampitt_90.jpgPam Lampitt
Director of Hospitality Services
University of Pennsylvania