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Campus trend: Better-for-you snacks

Campus trend: Better-for-you snacks

Students healthful snack habits could mean big profits for savvy operators. Full article brought to you by Tabasco®.

It’s no secret: college students love to snack. These days, however, their snacks of choice are changing. A recent study reveals that for many college students, healthy options are the first choice among snack items. For example, among those surveyed, 25 percent are selecting granola bars and 15 percent are selecting fresh fruit as a snack. While traditional campus snacks, such as pizza and beer, aren’t going away, many restaurant and foodservice operators are adding more of these kinds of better-for-you options to meet students’ demand for healthier in-between meal bites or grab-and-go snacks. They are offering granola bars, both packaged and house-made, fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits, as well as stocking basic portion-controlled packs of hard boiled eggs, nuts or pre-cut veggies and dip. Others are going beyond the basics, offering heartier mini-meals. These savvy operators are creating downsized-versions of their regular menu items, such as snack wraps, small tortillas filled with everything from grilled chicken and hummus to quinoa and vegetables, mini sandwiches such as turkey burger sliders, as well as cups of made-from-scratch soups. With more and more students seeking healthful options as a snack, the opportunity is clear. Operators that offer more healthful snacks and mini-meals are better positioned to make big profits.


Source: Boston-based Fluent’s 2013 Snack Attack Report

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