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Griddle Me This features a freshbaked waffle toped with eggs cheddar cheese and in this pictured version applewood bacon

Griddle Me This features a fresh-baked waffle toped with eggs, cheddar cheese and, in this pictured version, applewood bacon.

Best Menu: Ironsides Waffles food truck

GALLERY: Best Menu: Ironsides Waffles food truck, Tulane University/Sodexo >>

While quirky and innovative menu concepts are hardly unknown in food trucks, Ironsides Waffles presents a distinctive approach that is based not only on a somewhat unusual base ingredient—waffles—that is familiar to and popular with college students, but also one flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of menu choices from sweet to savory, with plenty of room for specials.

Though gaining in popularity across the rest of the country, food trucks are fairly new to the cultural

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