Soy Paper Tropical Rice Roll NYULangones winning entry in a recent AHF culinary competition
Soy Paper Tropical Rice Roll, NYU/Langone’s winning entry in a recent AHF culinary competition.

The Big Apple Pushes for Healthier Hospital Food

New York City’s Healthy Hospital Food Initiative may be a template for facilities elsewhere in the country

Using the clout of his position—not to mention a reputation as one of the shrewdest businessmen in the world—New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has set out to obliterate obesity across his municipal domain.

While hizonor’s efforts to restrict “Big Gulp” soft drinks have garnered the most attention—with charges that he's out to create a "Nanny State" ruled by carrot-wielding "Food Police— the city’s many healthcare facilities and their foodservice offerings have not esca

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