A BEEFY BRAISE This marinated sirloin with black lentils at Yale uses grassfed beef from Australia

A BEEFY BRAISE: This marinated sirloin with black lentils at Yale uses grass-fed beef from Australia.

Grass-fed builds its case

For taste, health and environmental reasons, chefs are switching up their beef sourcing.

“You are what you eat,” goes the old saying. But are you what you eat, eats?

A lot of chefs think so, and are advocating grass-fed beef, claiming that it’s not only healthier but tastier as well. It costs a little more, sure; however, it’s more available than you might think, and possibly more affordable than you think, especially if you are careful with portioning.

More importantly, diners are saying it’s worth the effort and premium, and—at the end of the day—they dr

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