PRETRAYLESS In this photo taken in January UGA had yet to go trayless With great selections of barbecue and all the fixins it39s tempting and easy to take too much food

PRE-TRAYLESS: In this photo, taken in January, UGA had yet to go trayless. With great selections of barbecue and all the fixins, it's tempting (and easy) to take too much food.

UGA ditches the tray

After food and water waste study, foodservices takes the plunge into trayless dining for sustainability, cost savings.

The University of Georgia Food Services has joined the ranks of the trayless. Loading up a tray at Snelling Dining Commons or any of the four other unlimited-access dining halls is now a thing of the past. After periods of gathering data on food and water waste in collaboration with the school’s sustainability office this spring, Bryan Varin, interim director of foodservices, felt ready to make the decision to lose the trays.

“When you do the research and find the data, you lear

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