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Crab Tacos with Corn, Pecan and Avocado

INGREDIENTS:8 oz. crabmeat
10 grape or cherry tomatoes, quartered
½ cup drained canned corn
¼ cup thinly sliced red onion
½ green bell pepper, seeded and finely chopped
¼ cup fresh lime juice
2-3 Tbsp. chopped pickled jalapeño
2 Tbsp. pickling liquid from jalapeños
1 Tbsp. finely chopped cilantro
1 ripe avocado
¼ tsp. salt
2/3 cup pecan halves, toasted
6 corn taco shells DIRECTIONS:Several hours (or a day) before serving, combine crabmeat, tomatoes, corn, red onion, bell pepper, lime juice, pickled jalapeños and liquid, and cilantro in a medium bowl. Mix well; cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours or overnight. Just before serving, stir pecans into crab mixture. Peel and pit avocado; mash with salt to form a paste. Spread a thin layer of avocado paste inside each taco shell. Fill shells with crab mixture and serve. SERVINGS:6 servings From: PHOTO CREDIT:Photo Credit: GEORGIA PECAN COMMISSION

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