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Fizzy Fruit in Oregon Schools

Fizzy Fruit in Oregon Schools

Grapes, apples and oranges that fizz?

As part of a new lunch menu, students at select elementary schools in the Greater Albany (OR) School District will be served Fizzy Fruit-a bubbly fruit product that is created when carbonation is added to the water that is naturally contained in fruit.

The result? A fruit snack that has no preservatives or added sugar and contains the same vitamins and fiber content found in fresh fruit. In other words: fruits that fizz.

"Schools across Oregon have been working hard to improve school nutrition and help children make educated, healthful choices when it comes to food," says Joyce Dougherty, child nutrition programs director for the Oregon Department of Education. "It is important that kids eat more fruit and vegetables," and the district hopes this approach will encourage greater consumption, she adds.

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