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Food Managements 2007 Top50 management companies 41-50

Food Managements 2007 Top50 management companies 41-50


Restaurant Marketing Associates

Sales Vol.

2006: $28

2005: $28


2006: 19

2005: 20

Major Segments Served: B&I (80%), Museums/Performing Arts Centers (15%)

RMA provides comprehensive foodservice programs for publishing companies, law firms, multi-tenant developments and private clubs in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It also operates commercial restaurants, including the Theater Square Grill at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the

C-Side at Harborside Financial Center in Jersey City, NJ, and 95 Greene in Jersey City's historic Colgate Building.

Onsite dining clients include Scholastic Publishing, John Wiley & Sons Publishing, McGraw Hill Executive Dining Rooms, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Club 101, an exclusive private club located at 101 Park Avenue in Manhattan.


FAME Food Management, Inc.

Sales Vol.

2006: $25.7

2005: $25.5


2006: 33

2005: 30

Major Segments Served: B&I (51%), Hospitals (33%), College/University (15%)

FAME (Food & Management Enterprise Corp.) generates over three quarters of its revenues from managing dining operations. Another 15% comes from catering operations. The company has eliminated trans fats from its offerings in the past year.

Meanwhile, it added to its selection of panini sandwiches, salad bar items and other fresh, healthier foods. Clients include the New York State Office of Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilities in Albany.


Prince Food Systems, Inc.

Sales Vol.

2006: $27(e)

2005: $24.6


2006: 35(e)

2005: 31

Major Segments Served: Hospitals (55%), B&I (40%)

After operating exclusively in Texas, Prince recently entered neighboring Louisiana. This was accomplished with a contract to provide dining services to two Gulf States long-term acute care hospitals in Bogalousa and Houma.

Most of Prince's business is in the healthcare and B&I segments. However, it has also made inroads into K12 in recent years. Its clients include Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Samsung Semiconductor and Texas Petrochemicals along with 22 healthcare facilities (including the two in Louisiana).


Nutrition Management Services Co.


2006: $23.4

2005: $26.6


2006: 47

2005: 48

Major Segments Served: Eldercare (70%), Hospitals (30%)

Nutrition Management Services is a publicly held entity traded overthe-counter. The company manages manual foodservice, vending, snack shops and environmental services in 47 continuing care facilities, hospitals and retirement communities. It also operates the Collegeville (PA) Inn Conference/Training Center. This provides NMS a venue for showcasing its services and functions as an in-house training center and R&D lab.

Revenues through the first nine months of the company's 2007 fiscal year were $15.4 million. That is down over $2.5 million from the first nine months of fiscal 2006.


Williamson Hospitality Services

Sales Vol.

2006: $18.7

2005: $16


2006: 33

2005: 30

Major Segments Served: B&I (30%), College/University (30%), K-12 (30%), Eldercare (10%)

Williamson was founded over 60 years ago as a restaurant and catering enterprise. The company now operates in 41 locations in multiple segments, mostly in the Delaware Valley market. However, it also recently made a thrust southward for more business.

New initiatives include Thyme Zone, an international cuisine program based on various time zones across the world. Willliamson also recently expanded its Smarty Foods healthy eating program.


Quest Food Management Services, Inc.

Sales Vol.

2006: $15

2005: n/a


2006: 28

2005: n/a

Major Segments Served: K-12 (100%)

Quest is exclusvely a K-12 specialist operating in both public and private schools in Illinois. It recently rolled out its On Track health and wellness station program. Clients include the Fremont, Glenbrook and Proviso Township public school districts as well as St. Ignatius College Prep and St. Patrick High School in Chicago and Notre Dame High School for Boys in Niles.


Linton's Managed Services

Sales Vol.

2007: $12.8

2006: $12.2


2007: 37

2006: n/a

Major Segments Served: Hospitals (23%), Corrections (23%), K-12 (19%), Government (18%)

Linton's traces its history back to a restaurant opened in Philadelphia in 1890. It later became a chain that at its peak in 1939 had 26 units around the city. Today, Linton's operates as a manager of onsite dining operations and supplier of preprepared meals. It is also a distributor of nonfood items like disposables, cleaning supplies, office products and medical supplies to some 225 locations, which constitute about a fifth of the business.


LA Food Services/the Certo Group LLC

Sales Vol.

2006: $12.5

2005: $12


2006: 66

2005: 40

Major Segments Served: B&I (79%)

Certo Group opened its Hayfields upscale aviation-themed concept in two airports in the past year and also entered the government segment. Clients include AT&T, Chanel, Comcast, the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, St. Petersburg College, Tyco, Lea & Perrins, Motorola and Ferrero Foods.


Host America Corporate Dining

Sales Vol.

2006: $12

2005: $13


2006: 20

2005: n/a

Major Segments Served: B&I (100%)

Host America Corp. (now Certeran Corp.) was #43 on the 2006 Top 50 with an estimated $27 million in annual sales. It spun off its Corporate Dining and Lindley Food Service divisions to management earlier this year, so the Top 50 will now recognize only the newly independent Host America Corporate Dining.

Host America Corporate Dining manages corporate dining services in the Northeast on sites with annual food sales between $250,000 and $2 million. Major clients include Pitney Bowes and Oxford Health Plans.


Kosch Catering & Corporate Dining

Sales Vol.

2006: $12

2005: $13


2006: 20

2005: n/a

Major Segments Served: B&I (65%), Convention/Conference Centers (15%)

In the past year, Kosch introduced customized branded concepts for its sites and developed a branding strategy for its school clients. It also rolled out a new pizza program and is test-marketing some new General Mills breakfast products. It also developed a branding strategy for schools. The segment currently constitutes only a small part of its overall business however.

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