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"It's not easy being green..."

"It's not easy being green..."

A view of the Village at 115 from across the school's new track and athletic fields

It's no easy feat, yet campuses across the country are going green in an effort to be more responsive to environmental concerns.

The Village at 115 is registered with the Leaderships in Energy and Environ-mental Design (LEED) Council. By registering, Case is voluntarily committing to meet certain consensus-based national standards for building high-performance sustainable buildings. LEED emphasizes innovative strategies for sustainable site development, water saving, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environment quality.

The Village has a laundry list of elements that qualify its LEED designation. The complex was built with recycled materials, from concrete masonry units and curtain walls, to exterior metal framing and pipe insulation. Also, each building has a system in place to monitor energy use.

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