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Front of the House has developed a revolutionary, new, stylish and true green alternative to traditional plastic and melamine dinnerware. Made of natural bamboo — a highly renewable resource — and free of melamine, Platewise is a smart, non-toxic serving solution for all occasions. The dinnerware and serveware will stand up to rigorous commercial washings and easily decompose in a landfill. Platewise offers the perfect combination of style, function, and durability. For information, call 305-757-7940 or visit

A year-round supply of fresh mango makes it easy to utilize its tropical attraction on breakfast menus. Fresh ripe mango adds beautiful color, silky texture, tropical flavor, and it's a natural source of valuable nutrients. A low calorie food, mango provides an excellent source of vitamins C and A and contains more than 20 different vitamins and minerals. For recipe ideas and more, visit

Featuring Fresh California Avocado as a topping turns a standard pizza into a special occasion. No longer relegated just to salads and sandwiches, for pizza toppings, the California Avocado Commission recommends using “breakers”: Fresh California Avocados that are just beginning to soften. The firmer texture withstands high oven temperatures and the flavor develops with cooking. Covering the Fresh California Avocado slices or dices with a layer of sauce or cheese also ensures a tasty pizza and an appealing presentation. For more about using avocados in hot applications, visit, or call 800-370-3782.

To create a signature beverage menu, head directly to With 15 varieties of Dole Fresh Frozen Fruit and seven varieties of Dole Chef-Ready Cuts, and over 50 tested recipes for fruit-based beverages, the Dole Foodservice website serves as beverage expert and Fruit Solutions Partner to plan a popular and successful drinks program. With demand high for beverages with natural attributes and a healthy nutrient profile, a beverage made with Dole offers both broad customer appeal and attractive profit margins. Call 800-723-9868, for more.

Two new Alaska Pollock selections have been added to Fishery Product International's popular full line of Salmon, Tilapia and Cod fillets. These perfectly seasoned and flame seared fillets can be baked, flat-grilled or microwaved. With exact weight (perfect for portion control), Berry Amendment compliance and lower sodium profiles, these new Pollock fillets are an ideal menu selection. Visit, for more.

Bush's Best has long been known for high quality, superior bean products. And now our rich, plump and flavorful kidney beans are available for foodservice. Large in size, bright in color and solid in texture these Bush's Best Kidney Beans work well in a variety of different types of cuisine and can be used to make anything from soups and chili to casseroles and salads. For more information, visit

Anybody can offer healthier food but Lean Cuisine from Nestle creates the flavors that people actually want to eat. Product features include “Frozen is Fresh” prep: freezing locks in freshness, texture and nutritional value that keep customers coming back. The product line offers menu solutions designed for greater flexibility, variety, customizability and extendibility. Call 800-288-8682 or visit, for more.

Whether your customers are looking for classic comforts or global adventures Kettle Cuisine's two new, on-trend varieties will please the most discerning palettes. Yankee Bean & Bacon Soup and Indian Lentil Stew join Kettle Cuisine's line of premium quality, all natural soups and make great additions to any soup rotation. Call 800-969-SOUP (7687) or visit

Made from top-shelf ingredients, Farmland Gold Medal Smoked Sausage is BIG on flavor. The new sausage is made from only USDA-inspected cuts of pork and beef, which give it a rich taste and delicious, even texture. It's also smoked, offering a delectable, authentic smokehouse flavor. The sausage measures up at a whopping eight inches, so your average bun can barely contain it, making for an eye-catching plate presentation. Visit for more details.

The availability of many convenient formats makes frozen blueberries an excellent choice for sauces, fillings, toppings, and preserves. Frozen formats can be used in many of the same ways as fresh: pastries, quick breads, pies and muffins. This versatile ingredient for sweet as well as savory foods and dishes can be paired with meats or added to sides, used to create vibrant-colored soups, sparkling condiments, molded salads, and chilled puddings. Visit

Sweet, tangy and spicy, Frank's RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce is an easy and authentic way to add Asian flavor to menus. Made with Thai chili peppers and garlic, this versatile chili sauce can be used to spice up any dish. From dipping sauces to dressings and glazes, it delivers a perfectly balanced kick of sweet and spicy to complement a wide variety of menu items and dishes from base ingredients to finishing glazes. For recipes and menuing ideas, call 800-442-4733 or visit

McCain Foods introduces Cheese & Italian Sausage Mini Bread Rounds as part of the new Taste Travelers product line. They are sized to fit multiple menu price points, which make them perfect for today's profitable menu applications like small plates and bar menus. Cheese & Italian Sausage Mini Bread Rounds bring rustic flavor to the table with melted mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, and bites of sweet Italian sausage, bubbling atop basil-herbed bread rounds. Request a sample by visiting, or call 800-767-7377.

The Complete Heat System from Cambro has been recognized for its value, productivity, and efficiency by the NRA Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show and awarded the Kitchen Innovations 2011 Award. The Camduction Complete Heat System is designed to perform consistently under the most demanding conditions of foodservice. To ensure sustainability, Camduction Bases and Pellets are made of a composite material and are water-tight to withstand years of washing and heavy use. Visit or call 800-854-7631 for details.

Crab continues to be a very popular center-of-plate choice for stuffing seafood, chicken and vegetables and Phillips Foods Crab Mix Blends provide chefs with a labor saving way to incorporate profit-building crab into a wide range of menu choices. The blends contain premium-quality Phillips crab meat, breadcrumbs, seasonings and sauce. Available in two popular, on-trend flavors: classic Maryland-Style Crab Style Blend and Baja-Style Crab Mix Blend enhanced with chopped red and green peppers. Call 888-234-CRAB or visit

Uncle Ben's has been making perfect stuffing for more than 50 years. Operators who purchase Uncle Ben's Stuffing Mixes October 3 through December 31, 2011 can save $8 per case up to $500. The stuffing mixes are available in Traditional White Bread and Classic Cornbread — each variety is an ideal blend of seasonings, breadcrumbs, grains, veggies and other good stuff that yields fluffy, moist and delicious results every time. For recipes and more, visit or call 800-432-2331.

Hatco's new energy-efficient Heated Zone Merchandisers safely hold hot packaged food utilizing new Spot On technology. The unique, overhead elements stay off until a food product is placed on the shelf allowing for maximum energy efficiency. Available in single and dual shelf models with a variety of colors to fit your décor. Visit, or call 800-558-0607, for more information.

Enhance your seasonal dessert menu and drive profits with the luscious made-from-scratch flavor of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk from Smuckers. The sweet and velvety smoothness of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk will transform traditional baked items into specialty flavored creations. Eagle Brand expands your dessert collection with flawless desserts that are sure to keep patrons returning throughout the season. Visit, for menu ideas.

Foodies and industry analysts are calling 2011 the year of the pie. To help foodservice operators capitalize on the trend, Monin Gourmet Flavorings, has expanded its selection of Premium Syrups to include Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, and Blueberry Pie. Use in shakes and hot or frozen coffees. Call 800-966-5225 or visit, for recipe ideas and more.

Fall is officially back. Give your customers the incredibly popular Pumpkin Pie Latte made with Fontana Pumpkin Sauce, Espresso Roast, steamed milk and whipped cream. With this customer favorite and our eye-catching marketing support, this season could be your most successful yet. For ordering information and recipe cards, visit

Add a little jubilation to your next smoothie, milk shake, or special meal with the rich touch of Truitt Bros. Cherries Jubilee, featuring dark sweet cherries infused with the essence of Cognac and cherry brandy. Cherries Jubilee provides a wealth of easy-to-execute dessert possibilities — use in smoothies and milk shakes, over ice cream and cheesecake, as a filling for crepes and pastries, or mix with warmed Grand Marnier and brandy for flaming specialties. Also great atop crisp waffles at breakfast, in fruit salads at lunch, and beside country-grilled ham at dinner. Call 800-547-8712, or visit for more.

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