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With food prep responsible for more than one-third of energy wasted each year, Rational's SelfCooking Center offers operators a way to cut their energy bills saving up to 40% in yearly energy expenses. The center is designed as demand-responsive equipment engineered to preheat quickly when needed and otherwise operate in standby mode reducing energy usage. The units' combination of heat and steam along with its airflow pattern and automated, optimized cooking processes produce efficient, consistent cooking results. Test drive the SelfCooking Center at a TeamCooking Live Event near you by registering at

RC Fine Foods introduces their new line of Smart Sodium 400 reduced sodium food bases in chicken, beef, vegetable, and seafood varieties with no added MSG or potassium. With 400 mg of sodium or less per 8 fl. oz. serving, RC has set the bar in providing the best-tasting, reduced-sodium product for kitchens everywhere. For more details including free recipes and a free sample, visit or call 800-526-3953.

Operators using their creativity with Fresh California Avocados are transforming American comfort menu standards into menu standouts and instant customer favorites. Flavorful and affordably lavish, Fresh California Avocados offer an easy solution for moving the dial from ordinary to extraordinary all season long. For more information and recipe ideas, visit or call 800-370-3782.

Bush's Best has long been known for high quality, superior bean products. And now our rich, plump and flavorful kidney beans are available for foodservice. Large in size, bright in color and solid in texture these Bush's Best Kidney Beans work well in a variety of different types of cuisine and can be used to make anything from soups and chili to casseroles and salads. For more information, visit

Winter is officially back. Give your customers the incredibly popular Pumpkin Pie Latte made with Fontana Pumpkin Sauce, Espresso Roast, steamed milk and whipped cream. With this customer favorite and our eye-catching marketing support, this season could be your most successful yet. For ordering information and recipe cards, visit

Make ordering dessert irresistible with Philadelphia Cheesecake Batter from Kraft, an easy way to create homemade tasting cheesecakes and desserts. The all-in-one, ready to use cheesecake batter format makes it easy for anyone to bake consistently delicious cheesecakes, while reducing preparation and clean-up time. Each tub is conveniently pre-portioned to make one 9" cheesecake or two 6" mini cheesecakes. For more, visit

In the past Uncle Ben's has focused on creating healthier products that are easy to prepare. Many of their brown rice products provide 100% of the daily whole grain recommendation in just one serving, combining healthy eating, great taste and convenience. This year, MARS Foodservices plans to continue adding even more whole grain options to the portfolio, providing operators and consumers with a variety of healthy choices. For easy menuing ideas, visit or call 1-800-432-2331.

Blue Bunny introduces its square ice cream package. The product is stackable to simplify storage. The resealable lid keeps ice cream fresh. Other features include grip handles for easy carrying and use, rounded corners to reduce mess and waste, durable for safety. Available in seven delicious flavors. Visit for more.

Real Pacific Northwest cherries in Truitt Bros. Cherries Jubilee mean sweeter, juicer and more robust cherries along with versatility for menus. The great taste and rich fruit flavor of can be added to a variety of dishes including desserts, smoothies, shakes, muffins and even appetizers. Infused with brandy and nonalcoholic cognac, use as a topping for ice creams, waffles, cheesecakes; as a filling for crepes and pastries; or as a value-added ingredient in fruit salads and sides. Call 800-547-8712 or visit

ConAgra Foodservice introduces a new line of Fit For Kids Plus pizza products, where less is the new more. The Fit for Kids Plus portfolio includes four varieties with 600 mg of sodium or less: Whole Grain Stuffed Crust Pizza, Whole Grain Real Slice Pizza, Whole Grain 4x6 Pizza, available in cheese or turkey pepperoni and Whole Grain MaxStix. All products are 51% whole grain, 30% calories or less from fat, 10% calories or less from saturated fat and CN approved. Visit or call 800-357-6543.

Monin Gourmet Flavorings has responded to demand from calorie-conscious consumers by offering 17 tasty Sugar Free flavors. Monin Sugar Free Syrups are formulated with sucralose and erythritol (an all-natural sugar substitute derived from a plant source) for a taste close to sugar. The flavorings contain no sugar, no high fructose corn syrup and no calories, so they are ideal for the skinny drinks currently in demand. Call 800-966-5225 or visit, for more.

Dole premium quality products meet the foodservice industry's unique operational needs with a complete line of frozen and packaged fruit products. Dole's dedication to quality is evident, from comprehensive food safety programs and stringent quality control measures to ongoing research and innovation. Through its website, Dole helps operators meet business challenges with product information, video tutorials, customized merchandising materials, a fruit cost savings calculator, a foodservice recipe database, and rebate/promotion offers. Visit or call 800-723-9868, for more.

Unilever Food Solutions and The Culinary Institute of America have teamed up again to introduce the sixth volume in their Savoring the Best of World Flavors DVD collection, exploring the cuisine of Beijing, Chengdu and Hong Kong. This two-disc set starts with a tour of Chinese kitchens, markets and restaurants with Unilever Food Solutions' Steve Jilleba, CMC, hosted by regional culinary experts KF Seetoh and Fuschia Dunlop. Chef Jilleba recreates many of the authentic dishes sampled in China, using convenience products from Hellmann's, Lipton and Knorr. Visit for a free copy.

Giorgio Foods recently debuted their new line of breakfast and lunch products featuring items like Classico Tortes and Caprese Cornettos. The full exciting product line includes Italian, French, American and Caribbean flavors. Visit, for more.

Crab continues to be a very popular center-of-plate choice for stuffing seafood, chicken and vegetables and Phillips Foods Crab Mix Blends provide chefs with a labor saving way to incorporate profit-building crab into a wide range of menu choices. The blends contain premium-quality Phillips crab meat, breadcrumbs, seasonings and sauce. Available in two popular, on-trend flavors: classic Maryland-Style Crab Style Blend and Baja-Style Crab Mix Blend enhanced with chopped red and green peppers. Call 888-234-CRAB or visit

Made from top-shelf ingredients, Farmland Gold Medal Smoked Sausage is BIG on flavor. The new sausage is made from only USDA-inspected cuts of pork and beef, which give it a rich taste and delicious, even texture. It's also smoked, offering a delectable, authentic smokehouse flavor. The sausage measures up at a whopping eight inches, so your average bun can barely contain it, making for an eye-catching plate presentation. Visit for more details.

Tyson Deli, a division of Tyson Foods, Inc., has released new information to help drive retailer success: wing and tender merchandising is the key to building top line deli sales. While fall football and tailgating have typically kicked off wing season, retailers who use visible merchandisers have found success selling wings year-round due to growing popularity of wings for snacks and dinner. Tyson offers an array of Crispy Glazed wings including flavors such as Buffalo, BBQ, Hot Pepper, Teriyaki and Caliente. Visit, for details.

American Pride Seafoods proudly introduces new Coastal Harvest Bacon Wrapped Scallops. Hand-wrapped in hickory bacon and individually placed on wooden skewers for perfect portioning, these scallops are premium quality, easy to prepare, and are ideal for entertaining as a favorite appetizer or a delicious center of the plate meal. Visit, for more.

Enhance your seasonal dessert menu and drive profits with the luscious made-from-scratch flavor of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk from Smuckers. The sweet and velvety smoothness of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk will transform traditional baked items into specialty flavored creations. Eagle Brand expands your dessert collection with flawless desserts that are sure to keep patrons returning throughout the season. Visit, for menu ideas.

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