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One-Dish Delish

One-Dish Delish

Asiago Vegetable Bake (for recipe, go to

Dianne Wortz
Project Manager
St. Paul (MN) Public Schools
"Last January, we served a Tater Tot Hot Dish in our elementary schools. The idea came from our efforts to serve dishes from different cultural traditions. The dish was well received by students and staff, and is now part of the regular menu rotation at all Saint Paul Public Schools."

Omar Rayan
Senior Food Services Director

University of Cincinnati (Aramark)
Cincinnati, OH
"We menu a traditional French cassoulet from the region of Toulouse in south of France. It was introduced as an item for the Brickyard station on the winter menu and served as a way to utilize the brick oven we have there. The main dish was made in bulk in the back kitchen in the morning, then dished up and glazed at the station during lunch."

Willie Sng
Executive Chef
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
"Though we do not have too many casseroles dishes on our menu, one that is quite popular is a Classical Chicken Pot Pie for which we use a pancake batter rather than traditional pastry dough."

Reginia Phillips
Director of Dining Services

University of North Texas, Denton
"We have a modified eggplant casserole in which we don't have added breading and don't do any frying, making the calories and fat in a 4.5-oz. serving very reasonable. Still, we usually run out of it before the line closing whenever we have it on the menu. It is well received by both vegetarians and meat eaters."

Chicken & Bean Cassoulet

Tater Tot Hot Dish

Eggplant Parmesan Casserole

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