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Prosciutto and Fig Pouches with Winter Fruits

INGREDIENTS:1 cup red wine
24 dried figs (about 9 oz.)
2 Tbsp. sugar
24 slices Prosciutto di Parma, thinly sliced (9 inch x 4 inch), about 12 oz.
3 oz. Gorgonzola, cut into 24 chunks
24 chives
as desired, winter fruits such as oranges, pears, grapes DIRECTIONS:In a small saucepan, bring wine to a boil. Add figs; simmer, covered, until figs are tender, about 5 minutes. Remove figs and reserve. To the wine remaining in saucepan, add sugar; simmer until reduced to ¼ cup; reserve for later use. Fold each prosciutto slice in half to make 4-½ inch x 4 inch rectangle.

Remove stems from figs. Cut a cross in the top of each fig. Place a piece of Gorgonzola in each cross, pressing slightly. Place a stuffed fig in the center of each prosciutto rectangle. Bring prosciutto up and around fig to make a pouch. Tie with a chive. Repeat.

To serve: Arrange 3 prosciutto pouches on a serving plate. Drizzle plate with wine reduction. Garnish with fruits. SERVINGS:8 servings From:Adapted from a recipe served at Valentino, Santa Monica, Calif. PHOTO CREDIT:Photo Credit: PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA

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