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Smoked Ricotta with Chestnut Honey*

Smoked Ricotta with Chestnut Honey*

Yield: 8 appetizer servings

2 cups high quality ricotta cheese
2 Tbsps. chestnut honey
Coarse salt, as needed
Fresh cracked pepper, as needed

  1. Place cheese in a muslin cloth or kitchen towel and smoke slowly over embers underneath a cover for one-half hour. Be sure the fire is not hot.
  2. Cool cheese and remove from muslin.
  3. To serve: Place cheese in a rustic mound on a decorative plate or crock. Drizzle with chestnut honey, coarse salt and fresh cracked pepper. Serve with grilled sourdough toasts.

*Prepare in a wood-fired oven.

Recipe and photo from the National Honey Board.

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