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The Special Jazz Menu

The Jazz in the Garden menu differs from the fare available during the rest of the time at the Pavilion Café. Chef Char Broadus says modifies the menu each season based on food trends and popularity from previous seasons.

The menu for the 2008 Jazz in the Garden event was as follows:

Gourmet Fruit & Cheese ($8.50) — Seasonal sliced fruit served with sliced brie and havarti cheeses and garlic crostini

Spinach & Artichoke Dip ($8.50) — chilled artichoke, spinach and cream cheese served in a bread bowl

Fajita Beef Salad ($11.00) — thinly sliced flank steak served over a bed of arugula and topped with a spiced corn relish

Roulade of Chicken Florentine ($10.50) — chicken breast stuffed with spinach, roasted red pepper and goat cheese served thinly sliced over arugula and accented with a spicy pepper aioli

Garden Sushi Platter ($11.95) — smoked salmon, shrimp and veggie sushi rolls, each including fresh carrots, cucumber, green onion, avocado and sushi rice wrapped in roasted seaweed and served with wasabi dipping sauce

Grill Menu (served outside from grill stations)

Traditional Beef Kabob ($6.00) — tender beef marinated in Worcestershire sauce and red wine vinegar, grilled on a skewer with peppers and onions

Cuban Shrimp Kabob ($6.00) — jumbo shrimp marinated in a spicy citrus sauce and grilled on a skewer with peppers and onions

Pulled Pork BBQ ($9.00) — pulled pork cooked in a bourbon BBQ sauce and served with coleslaw on an onion roll

Crab Cake Sandwich ($10.00) — lump crab cake served with coleslaw on an open-faced half baguette

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