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Grilled Figs with Thyme & Agave Syrup

Grilled Figs with Thyme & Agave Syrup

Looking for dessert recipes that are naturally vegan (wouldn’t use butter or cream anyway) is a great strategy, as in these grilled figs with savory flavors from Meatless Monday.

YIELD: 2 servings

2 cups figs, stems removed and halved
1 Tbsp. agave syrup
1 tsp. fresh thyme leaves

1.    Preheat grill to medium-low heat.
2.    When grill is heated, place figs on grill pan in 1 single layer. Grill for 1-2 minutes, or until slightly soft. Flip and grill another 1-2 minutes.
3.    Transfer figs to serving platter. Carefully place a few leaves of thyme on each fig, drizzle with syrup and serve.

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