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Are Carrots the New Kale?

Carrots are spiking in popularity on menus across the country, according to this New York Times article.

“People are feeling more comfortable with having something like carrots in the center of the plate,” Dan Kluger, executive chef at ABC Kitchen in New York, told the Times. A roasted carrrot and avocado salad is a big hit on the menu there.

Carrot tacos, carrots roasted in salt like a whole fish, carrots slathered with mole poblano, and carrot salads of all kinds are uprooting the idea that the humble root vegetable isn't a star. The sweetness of carrots works as a counterpoint to many other flavors, and it seems like a great idea for onsite fall menus, too. Hello, vegetarian/vegan choices!

I was so glad to read this bit of news. I could eat a beef stew with ONLY carrots, and recently, I discovered a curry-carrot soup at the Stone Oven bakery across the street from my office building. Hooray for carrots!


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