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Now that the Introductions Are Done…

Now that the Introductions Are Done…

OK, now that my first editorial is written for the April issue of the magazine, I feel like I can write my first blog. I’ll try not to plagiarize myself, other than to say I really am excited about the job and working with such a great group of people in these offices and across the onsite foodservice world.

Although the focus of my first column in print was mostly about that, I did mention some changes to the magazine in appearance and feel. Those will come down the road, but I hope you’ve already noticed some improvements to If you visit on occasion, you’ll notice the rotating carousel of feature stories looks different almost every day, and the Latest Features, Featured Recipes and Onsite News & Trends are being updated with new content regularly.

If you’re not checking our site regularly, why not? As always, our Onsite News Briefs in the upper right portion of the page are being updated around the clock (or close). Monitor this section to easily follow all the foodservice happenings from around the country in K-12 schools, colleges and universities, businesses, healthcare facilities and more.

And both Tara and Mike have recently written thought-provoking blogs—and now you get this one from me, doing very little beyond promoting our own site. Sorry about that. I promise my next one will be more about the onsite foodservice issues and people that you care about.

I just wanted to introduce myself online, and let you know we’re working hard to make both the magazine and website as informative and interesting as possible.

Please let me know what you’d like to see more of online. Email me anytime at [email protected].

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