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Surprising Tips for Grilling Veggies

It’s that harvest time of year. Back to school, Friday night lights, the first bite of autumn in the air, zucchini, peppers, onions and fennel still growing in the garden…

Good thing grilling can be a part of autumn too.

If so, why not create some grilled vegetable dishes? I just watched this video of Jamie Oliver grilling some vegetables, and I was surprised by a few of his suggestions. (The Naked Chef was even grilling on a rooftop, I think in the rain…anyway it looked gray and he had a big poncho or something on. He says, “That’s what it’s like to be British. Making the best of things like rain and charcoal.”)

Right off the bat, I have been doing it wrong. Jamie says to NEVER slather veggies with olive oil before they hit the grill. Just put them on the grill dry, and let them get charred.

It’s AFTER the veggies come off the grill that you would kiss them with some good olive oil and some really good vinegar for the acid element. At that point, you can put them in a dish and shave some garlic over top, or lemon, and/or some herbs for a Mediterranean flavor profile.

Great idea and a great way to use the end-of-summer harvest.



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