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Nacufs book

Administering Food Service Contracts

Published by the National Association of Colleges and University Food Services, 2012, 2nd Edition, softcover, 260 pp.

NACUFS first published its Handbook for Contract Administrators in College and University Foodservices in 1999. In this expanded edition, the authors put additional emphasis on the writing of effective RFPs and on best practices for selecting and overseeing a foodservice management company.

The Handbook does not consider the pros and cons of a decision to outsource operations. Instead, it focuses on the practical issues of doing so and of effectively managing the relationship once a provider is selected. It offers details on the financial structure of different kinds of service contracts, advice on terms and metrics RFPs should specify, and constructive ideas about how ongoing contract operations can be assessed and monitored.

This guide should be on every noncommercial operator's bookshelf, not only because the issues discussed can sometimes arise suddenly, but also because many of the topics are equally pertinent to those who are not contract-managed or even in the college segment. For information on purchasing a copy, contact NACUFS at 517-332-2494.

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