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Wicked Good Burgers

Book Review: Wicked Good Burgers

By Andy Husbands and Chris Hart with Andrea Pyenson, Fair Winds Press, April, 2013

Hamburgers are more than twice as popular as chicken sandwiches in all their forms, according to recent data from NPD. Open this book and you’ll have all you need to tap into the ‘better burger’ trend.

Page through for lots and lots of burgers with ‘wicked good’ appeal to spare: the Vietnamese Pork Burger, The Scallop and Shrimp Burger, the Housemade Bacon Sous Vide Burger. A really inventive burger wrapped in a tortilla looks very interesting.Burger fans will also delight in such wickedly tempting treats as buttermilk onion petals, a pistachio-gelato dessert burger and a ginger beer float.

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