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NACUFS Sustainability Guide

NACUFS Sustainability Guide

This highly authoritative and practical tool can help you improve your sustainability initiatives.

NACUFS Sustainability Guide: Guidance on Enhancing Sustainability in College and University Foodservice Operations

By NACUFS, Ricca Newmark Design and Envision Strategies, CD-ROM, $150 (members), $200 (non-members)

The NACUFS Sustainability Guide is a new highly authoratative and practical tool designed to help college foodservice managers make better sustainability decisions in areas such as food and equipment procurement, energy and water conservation, chemical reduction and preventative maintenance, transportation and distribution and facility construction and renovations.

Each chapter can be used independently and includes a set of key definitions, resource materials and websites. In its electronic form, it offers easy navigation from the table of contents to individual chapters and also includes a listing of NACUFS members willing to share their insights on selected sustainability topics. Printed, it makes an excellent handbook for use by staff.

Developed in collaboration with the Ricca Newmark Design and Envision Strategies consulting firms, the guide is available at or (517) 332-2494.

Available later this year will be separate books for healthcare, B&I, K-12 and other segements, including electronic Action Program reports for operator use.

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