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One On One With: Startup firm looks to move into the emerging workplace dining market

Founder/CEO Jeff Grass of office catering firm HUNGRY talks about how the company’s new café & coffee bar service is designed to operate in the new business dining environment .


With fewer staff expected to be on the premises on most days than previously at many workplaces, and with that staff working more flexible schedules, traditional modes of onsite workplace foodservice such as large central cafeterias offering volume service are being challenged to change with the times. This evolving market is encouraging innovation and new operating platforms that are more flexible, cost-efficient and customer-responsive than traditional models, but which still provide high-quality dining choices.

One company looking to serve this emerging business dining market is office catering firm HUNGRY, which is launching a new café & coffee bar concept called Cafés and Coffee Bars by HUNGRY that is designed to serve the needs of clients and their employees in the emerging post-pandemic workplace environment with outlets that require minimal onsite infrastructure, day-to-day scalability and premium food offerings from local chefs and providers.

In this One On One With podcast segment, HUNGRY Founder/CEO Jeff Grass talks about the emerging business dining environment and how his company’s new café concept is designed to meet its needs.

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