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A photo tour of the new Travelers HQ dining operations

Two micro-markets and 10 dining stations in a food hall setting highlight a foodservice environment designed for the new workplace.

The completely renovated and expanded employee dining facility at the headquarters of Insurance firm Travelers is highlighted by 10 dining options as well as a couple of 24/7 micro-markets serving hot and cold fresh food options made onsite, along with snacks and beverages. Currently, other than the Mighty Brew coffee bar and the Chef’s Table at breakfast time, the full café is open only one day a week, on Thursdays during the lunch period, but that does offer a glimpse of what is to come once Travelers staff return in sufficient numbers to justify a broader opening.

Meanwhile, the coffee bar and adjacent smoothie/juice station provide all-day refreshment service along with the two micro-markets for staff working onsite the rest of the time.

The café complex is an eye-popping look at what Travelers believes will be the future of dining services in a high-end workplace like its headquarters. Not only is the design and arrangement of the food stations and seating areas in a food hall like setting intended to fit a work environment that has evolved from the 9-to-5 ethos with its set meal times to a more flexible one where the café becomes an all-day relaxation/recharge/collaboration space.

Here’s a photo tour of Travelers’ reimagined dining universe at its Hartford, Conn. Headquarters, which is managed by the FLIK unit of Compass Group.

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