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Chefs to Watch: Morrison Healthcare Corporate Chef Sahina Dizon stands up for inclusion in the kitchen

A survivor of a toxic workplace years ago, Sahina Dizon vowed things would be very different once she was in charge.


When Sahina Dizon realized how racist and homophobic her old boss was, she decided to take a stand. Ultimately, she left the job. But the experience stuck with her, and her leadership now with Morrison Healthcare has flipped the script of women feeling intimidated in the kitchen.

Now, as corporate executive chef for Morrison Healthcare, she’s a board member of Compass One Healthcare’s Diversity and Inclusion Action Council (DIAC), an action-oriented advisory committee that champions diversity and inclusion through education and engagement across the organization.

Food Management talked to her about starting out, how and why to speak up and stand your ground, the difference between being a great chef and being a great leader—and where those two things overlap. We also address the persistent myth that a woman has to act a certain way as a leader and a chef. She’s sharing her story and there is a lot more to still be written.

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