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Dartmouth Pilots Waste-Free Dining

At least a dozen students are expected to participate in a two-week trial of a wastefree dining program created by the Dartmouth Sustainability Initiative and Dartmouth Dining Services, according to the Dartmouth campus newspaper.

The program, dubbed the Sustainable Dining Club, will be implemented at the school's Home Plate dining outlet next quarter. Participating students will receive a card they show servers in the Collis Cafè outlet at each meal. That will entitle them to get their food in a clean, reusable take-out container. (These are later returned to drop-off boxes at Collis and at the campus food court's tray return area.)

Participants also receive a sustainable dining kit that includes a reusable Nalgene bottle, mug, cloth napkin and silverware. Participating students must pledge to eat at Collis over the next two weeks and use their dining kits whenever they have meals.

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