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2014 College Power Players

2014 College Power Players

A special report from FM profiles the dining operations at the U.S. universities with the largest campus resident student populations.

Top 50 2014What is dining like on universities with huge on-campus student populations?

Large numbers of students living on campus present both opportunities and challenges for campus dining departments. They constitute a semi-captive customer base, especially if they are required to purchase meal plans (as is the case at many schools). They also help spread business out across the day as opposed to the lunch-centric nature of commuter dining patterns, and provide multiple retail sales opportunities from morning through (increasingly) late night.

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But resident students also form a vocal and influential constituency on campus (after all, it’s their home), driving everything from sustainability initiatives and expanded vegetarian options to fair trade and living wage policies. And of course, their tastes and lifestyles severely impact the menu, hours and positioning of the dining venues.

In this special report, we profile the dining operations at the 50 U.S. universities with the largest numbers of students living on campus.

* NOTE: Enrollment and meal plan sales data accompanying each profile was the latest available and may in some cases reflect numbers from the last completed school year. However, all meal plan prices shown are current for fall 2014.

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1. Rutgers 26. Northern Arizona
2. Connecticut 26. Northeastern
3. Michigan State 28. UC Santa Barbara
3. UC San Diego 29. Alabama
5. Penn State 30. Georgia Tech
6. Central Florida 31. Pittsburgh
6. Massachusetts 32. Syracuse
8. Arizona State 33. Texas Tech
9. Iowa State 33. UC Santa Cruz
10. Indiana 35. Ohio
11. NYU 36. North Carolina State
12. Ohio State 37. Albany
13. Stanford 38. Colorado
14. Boston 39. Liberty
15. Purdue 40. Binghamton
16. Illinois 41. Nebraska
17. UCLA 42. Miami (OH)
18. Michigan 43. New Hampshire
19. Harvard 44. Buffalo
20. Texas A&M 44. Georgia
21. UC Irvine 46. Wisconsin
22. Maryland 47. Cornell
23. Stony Brook 47. Texas
24. North Carolina 49. Delaware
25. Virginia Tech 50. Boston College


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