8 Spooky Halloween Tricks & Treats on Campus

A ghost named Patty haunts the halls of a dorm at the University of North Texas. The spirit of a fraternity brother at Kenyon College has never left the frat house. And a dining hall at Shepherd University was built on top of a Civil War graveyard. The spooky folklore and urban legends on your typical college campus can be enough to make a college freshman run screaming for home.

Some ghost stories are based on actual events, and many are embellished over the years. “It’s probably nonsense, but let’s tell the story anyway,” writes Wendy McLeod in the Kenyon Alumni Bulletin. “After all, dinner’s over and who wants to go study?”

Luckily, as students, faculty and staff relish the retelling of scary stories leading up to Halloween, there are plenty of treats awaiting them as well in the form of fun baked goods and special events. Click through to check out the bone-chilling ghost stories and sweet tooth-pleasing treats from campuses around the country.

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