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College dining trending: Texas A&M dining hall achieves Green Restaurant Certification

In this month's recap of the Top 5 most popular college and university Food Management articles, the top story was Florida college transforms retail venue into a kosher- and halal-certified kitchen. Students eating at Dave’s Boathouse, formerly a traditional grill on the Rollins College campus, now choose from a menu packed with comfort foods and international fusion items.Dave’s Burger is an all-beef patty served on a brioche bun with the works, including spicy mustard aioli and crispy onions. Falafel is on offer as a filling for a pita pocket (or on a flatbread pita) with the requisite Mediterranean salads and dips. 

Other top stories:

  • 5 tech things: University of Tulsa latest to roll out robot food delivery on campus
  • 5 things: University of Michigan commits to 55% plant-based by 2025
  • 5 tech things: Kiwibot launches first self-driving food delivery robots at Loyola Marymount
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