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Engaging millennials with inventive food “hacks”

Who says you can’t play with your food? Millennials have a special affinity for “hacks,” or “life hacks,” or in other words, things that help make life easier. Or, if not easier, at least more fun and interesting. When it comes to eating in a dining hall, students are creating some pretty cool hacks using existing dining hall items from different concepts: a Hawaiian pizza bagel, a counterfeit McDonald’s snack wrap, “potatchos” and brownie sundaes to name a few.

Metz Culinary Management’s marketing team took notice of this phenomenon and decided to share those hacks across accounts on their social media platforms, mainly Facebook and a little on Instagram. Students were encouraged to post their own photos using the hashtag #metzhacks. Dining departments on various campuses got in on the fun, too. Here are some of the best hacks.

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