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Chuck Cundiff grew up in New Orleans and has drawn on the strength of this vibrant, resilient community through his career, from being in a kitchen during Hurricane Katrina to now serving Tulane University students—and boosting up local restaurants—during the pandemic.

One On One With: Tulane Dining’s Eat Local partnership bolsters NOLA restaurants

Sodexo GM Chuck Cundiff and the food service team at Tulane built a partnership with several local restaurants over the summer, a solution that helped the restaurants stay afloat and kept more Tulane Dining employees busy as well. Here’s how the program is progressing into the new school year.

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In this episode of One On One With, we’re having a conversation with Chuck Cundiff, general manager of retail, catering and concessions with Tulane Dining by Sodexo. At Tulane University, classes have just started, but places like Bourbon Street are still eerily quiet as the devastation of the pandemic marches on. Chuck found a cool way to partner a campus dining food truck with local restaurants that were suffering from the pandemic, and in some cases would have been completely shut down. We’ll find out about the diverse menu options that came about, from Egyptian food to Creole-Vietnamese and classic comfort foods like burgers and ice cream.

Chuck also talks about growing up in New Orleans with a group of neighborhood friends who all ended up working in the food world, and then later pulling that community together again in the current crisis, something that could be even worse than the wreckage left by Hurricane Katrina. The resilience of the city is truly inspiring. Let’s hear Chuck’s story.

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