UCF opens local coffee shop unit in bookstore

The unit of local gourmet coffee roaster/retail Foxtail at the University of Central Florida is the chain’s first on a college campus.

Foxtail Coffee Co. is a fast-growing presence on the responsible sourced coffee scene in central Florida, with a number of street locations in Orlando and surrounding communities. Now, the chain has opened its first unit in an onsite location: inside the University of Central Florida Bookstore, where it replaced a B&N Café (the bookstore is operated by Barnes & Noble).

The UCF Bookstore Foxtail Café offers students, faculty and the campus community an assortment of not only locally roasted coffees and traditional beverages but also a full menu of fresh foods, including vegan options and items from local partners. Among the specialty beverage options is Foxtail’s signature cold-brew coffee, which is made through a process in which ground coffee beans are steeped in cold water for up to 24 hours.

"We are thrilled to bring fresh coffee from all over the world to the UCF Bookstore," commented Foxtail Co-founder Alex Tchekmeian in announcing the agreement with UCF and Barnes & Noble. "We look forward to becoming ingrained in the UCF community, serving students and faculty as they stop by to study or meet friends, or as they pass through on their way to class."

"Foxtail will be a great addition to our vibrant UCF Bookstore," added Brian Stark, vice president of Stores, Barnes & Noble College. "We are excited to bring this new concept to our café, further enhancing the Bookstore's role as both a social and academic hub on campus."

Here’s a quick photo tour of the UCF Foxtail unit.

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