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Compass Unveils Carbon Footprint Toolkit

Compass Group is offering its clients a web-based toolkit that helps mitigate the carbon footprint of a foodservice account. The application lets a user make up to 185 strategic choices to create a customized strategy project management document through four strategic paths designed to "green" an operation: menu engineering, kitchen services/site equipment and facilities.

“Based on research and feedback from our partners, we believe it’s the only fully integrated tool in our particular marketplace," says Marc Zammit, vice president of sustainability & culinary initiatives, who spearheaded the creation of the carbon foodprint tool. "Not only is it a value-add for our clients, but it’s an easy way for the onsite team to make their operation more sustainable and minimize carbon impact.”

Begun as an internal project with help from the Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps program in summer 2010, the project team based their requirements on data from the field, as well as industry best practices. Compass also partnered with players such the Green Restaurant Association, the Food Service Technology Research Center, Energy Management and Energy Star Commercial Food Service.

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