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Metz Program Delivers Custom Soup Choices

Metz Soupremacy program for K-12 that allows students to choose ingredient combinations for their soup choices while meeting USDA nutrition standards for school meals.

Metz Culinary Management has launched Soupremacy, a program for K-12 clients that allows students to choose combinations of fresh, flavorful ingredients to enhance their soup choices while meeting nutrition standards mandated by the USDA.

“The Soupremacy program is an initiative to get creative with healthy ingredients and basic made-from-scratch soup that entices guests with nutritional and flavorful combinations,” says Ryan McNulty, CEC, director of culinary development. “Giving our guests the ability to customize soup ingredients that include a variety of vegetable and protein options allows them the opportunity to enjoy a different and delicious meal every day that meets nutritional requirements.”

Soupremacy signature soups include Tomato, Cream of Potato, Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken. After selecting a base made-from-scratch soup, students have the freedom of choosing their own toppings and garnishes, including proteins, cheeses, vegetables, dry toppings and sauces. Testing with students has resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback, the company says, and Metz has decided to expand the Soupremacy program companywide to all school district, university, corporate, industry and healthcare partners.

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