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THE TRANSFORMER University of Daytons Emporium is a hybrid cstore that customizes its foodservice offerings continually over the course of a day matching traffic daypart and demand patterns
THE TRANSFORMER: University of Dayton's Emporium is a hybrid c-store that customizes its foodservice offerings continually over the course of a day, matching traffic, daypart and demand patterns.

Merchandising in Retail Venue Award: The Emporium

University of Dayton
990 sq.ft.
Transactions/Day: >2000
Gross Sales/Day: $8,300

Located on the main floor of a 375-bed residence hall, University of Dayton's Emporium has been designed to undergo continual transformations over the course of a day as different foods are merchandised in particular dayparts.

As fresh muffins and bagels sell out in the morning, the merchandiser converts its focus to baked desserts and cereal bars;  over the course of a day the salad cold case converts to emphasize refrigerated grab-and-go items; in the morning the deli line specializes in hot, MTO breakfast sandwiches ... at lunchtime becomes a "Secret Shopper" deli ... and at late night a specialty pizza station.
Staffing of the unit includes a floor associate who interacts directly with customers to answer questions and employ suggestive selling techniques. Open weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to midnight (on weekends, 9:00 a.m. to midnight), the Emporium is known for its customized, made-to-order deli menu and out of the ordinary specialties (everything from soup in a bread bowl to--on special occasions--chocolate-dipped potato chips).

Convenience items include an extensive array of fresh, refrigerated and frozen foods; pre-packaged vegetables, salads and subs produced in another location; bulk cereal and retail snacks. This high-volume venue generates $2 million-plus in sales over 33 weeks of operation and serves over 2,000 customer daily. It has become a true destination on the Dayton campus.

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