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FM On Demand: North Carolina State Dining prepares for fall

Senior Dining & Hospitality Services Director Shawn Hoch talks about the new concepts and other adjustments being made to the dining program at North Carolina State University when classes resume this fall.


Like most other colleges and universities, North Carolina State University endured a year and a half of radical changes in how it could operate campus dining services. Now, with the pandemic hopefully receding and things expected to return more or less to normal, the program is looking forward to a 2021-22 academic year with a full complement of students on campus and is welcoming them with a number of changes and additions to the dining program.

In this FM On Demand video interview, Shawn Hoch, senior director of dining & hospitality services, talks about new concept debuts, adjustments in the meal plan and what he expects to be the same—and different—in fall 2021 from previous years.

FM On Demand is video interviews with onsite dining professionals who talk about creative and interesting initiatives they have developed or undertaken.

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