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Best Customer Service: Compass Group at Microsoft

Best Customer Service: Compass Group at Microsoft

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The 100% cashierless/cashless ordering and payment system implemented at half a dozen cafés on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA, accomplishes a number of customer service goals. It is highly convenient, it reduces crowding and wait times, it seamlessly accommodates the kind of customized and made-to-order menu selections customers prefer, and it offers an appealingly high tech one-stop-shop solution for those ultra-tech-savvy diners.

The problem arose out of an enviable situation: crowds at three recently remodeled Microsoft cafes swelled while wait times increased due to more made-to-order options and exhibition cooking platforms.

The POS system, designed in conjunction with vendor Nextep Systems, accommodates customized, plate-served and self-served by-size/weight menu choices. The results: a 20% participation boost combined with a 50% drop in queue times. There was even a 4% bump in check average while customer satisfaction scores grew 6.4%.

The next step: a remote ordering pilot (Geek Mobile Pay) is being tested at one café. It allows associates to pre-order from their phones or computers and schedule a pick-up time.  

Project Team:

Mark Freeman
Sr. Manager, Global Dining Services at Microsoft
Tod Nissle
RVP, Compass Group supporting Microsoft
Jodi Smith Westwater
Sr. Director of Marketing, Communications & Advocacy, Compass Group supporting Microsoft

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