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Hospital Power Players: Huntsville Hospital

Hospital Power Players: Huntsville Hospital

A special report from FM and Technomic provides a detailed look into both patient and retail foodservice operations at the 50 largest hospitals.

46. Huntsville Hospital, Huntsville, Ala.

Licensed Beds: 881*
Management: Self-operated
Foodservice Head: Cedric Junearick, CDM, CFPP, director of food & nutrition services
Avg. Daily In-patient Census: 675
Avg.. of In-patient Meals/Day: 2,000
No. of Retail Dining Outlets: 15
Total Annual Retail Sales: $7 million
Dining/Nutrition Services FTEs: 226

Huntsville Hospital maintains an extensive array of retail dining outlets around its campus ranging from a pair of full cafeterias and 6 coffee shops to 5 retail/c-stores, a lunch-only Greek concept with extensive grab and go and a Steak and Chicken Express delivery service/catering kitchen.

The main cafeteria, on the hospital’s first floor, incorporates Italian (Mama’s), Japanese (Sakura) and barbecue (Smokehouse 256) concepts and features a grill open until midnight daily.

Patient dining is offered through a combination of traditional tray service at the main hospital and on-demand room service in the Hospital for Women & Children.

*Includes Huntsville Hospital and Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children

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