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What are ya? Chicken?

Frank Cirillo
Foodservice Director
Cathedral Preparatory School
Erie, PA

"Every Wednesday we feature a chicken dish and we like to try to do dishes beyond the more traditional nuggets and patties. Our most popular dish is the chicken and biscuits.

"Being a smaller school, we are able to make everything from scratch, including the biscuits.The fresh cooking aromas really appeal to the students.

"We make a stuffed chicken with homemade bread stuffing that is both delicious and simple to prepare.

"For the school's special events and banquets we use a buffet line. One of the more popular chicken dishes for these types of events is our chicken cutlet with a fettuccini alfredo sauce. We take a cutlet, then thicken the fettuccini sauce and put peas in it."

Beth Gallagher
Dining and Nutrition Services
York Hospital
York, ME

"We change our menu about every four weeks, when the dining and nutrition services team brainstorms menu ideas to find items that both taste good and are healthful to patients, visitors and staff.

"We do a Caribbean chicken, which is a bone-in chicken breast, roasted, and glazed with a sweet and tangy mango sauce. We do a chicken breast with black olives, artichoke hearts and a lemon glaze. We also have a calypso chicken with oranges, pineapples, and toasted coconut.

"Each time we develop a new menu, dining and nutrition services consults the dietitian who evaluates and labels those dishes that are heart healthy. A number of our chicken dishes qualify.

"When any of the cafè items are labeled heart healthy, we display that information on the menu for the customer."

Pat Higgins
Director of Dining & Nutrition Services
University of Maryland
College Park, MD

"We've developed a Buffalo chicken sandwich that immediately became and continues to be our number one lunch sandwich seller.

"It's a bit on the spicy side and tastes similar to the Buffalo chicken wings we offer on our late night menu.

"We take a chicken breast, marinate it, bread it, fry it, and put it on a bun with lettuce and tomato. It's really very simply prepared.

"We serve it about every two weeks. We don't want students to get tired of it. When we do serve it, students that come in at lunch often take out their cell phones and call their friends to tell them, 'It's Buffalo chicken sandwich day! Get down here!'

"The president of the university even stops down when he catches wind of the menu."

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