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10 farm-fresh locavore dishes to spotlight your harvest haul

This time of year, your local farmer brings the treasure of the land to your receiving dock. These dishes are inspiration to truly make it shine.

HHS is building relationships between the healthcare locations it serves and the farmers in the surrounding areas. It’s not always easy to connect with farmers and efficiently order produce, but HHS’ new company-wide Source Local Initiative was created recently to help operators connect with their local farmers for large-scale orders to add variety to menus, improve the quality of ingredients, add nutritional value, decrease costs, showcase local farms and reduce the carbon footprint.

In addition, HHS developed signage that can highlight the local farmers. “You can showcase the farm’s featured item, and a recipe,” says HHS Chef Marta Hernandez. For example, local apples used in a curry might come with signage talking about “Joe’s Apple Farm,” and offer a recipe for apple crisp. “And we use the label ‘better for you,’ meaning it’s processed as little as possible and as close to the way the higher power intendent it to be.” 

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