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10 times Italian subs and paninis made us incredibly hungry

Whether you go meaty prosciutto or plant-forward portobello, a hearty Italian grab-and-go sub just may be the special offer your customers can’t refuse.

The Italian sub goes by many names. And what you call it says a lot about where you’re from. According to a Thrillist article,  by food writer Adam Lapetina, if you call it a hoagie, you’re from Philly; if you call it a grinder, you’re from New England; if you call it a wedge, you’re from Westchester or Yonkers, NY; if you call it a hero, you’re from New York City and if you call it a Blimpie, you’re from New Jersey, where this brand name has become the “Kleenex of sub names.” And of course, in Italy, most sandwiches are called panini (panino is a single sandwich).

However you menu an Italian sub, your customers will appreciate the heartiness of meat (or plant-based “meat”) pressed into a melty panini or stacked into a crusty roll. We found examples of hoagies, grinders, subs and paninis sure to make that special sandwich offer extra enticing.


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