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10 ways bowls are totally taking over foodservice menus

Sandwich? We don’t know her. Well, okay, sandwiches are still great, but one-bowl meals, bowl concepts and globally inspired bowls are getting chefs excited when planning new concepts for fall: Plant-based, sustainable, protein-packed, seafood-forward and more.

Bowls might be the new sandwiches in terms of foodservice’s go-to menu item. The bowl trend has our readers serving up more than just grains, greens and protein: The ideas of plant-based eating and sustainability and eating for wellness fit perfectly into bowls, too.

Carlos Castillo-Blanco, food service supervisor at UNC Health in Chapel Hill, NC, introduces a new line of plant-based bowls this month at UNC Medical Center’s Terrace Café. His bowl philosophy follows a blueprint for builds: “The key components to build an awesome bowl start with a base, usually a starch like rice or whole grain, but you can also use lettuce or your favorite greens as well. Then, add toppings like fresh, cooked or pickled vegetables, fresh sliced fruit or fruit salsa, toasted nuts or seeds and course, your choice of protein. In this case, the proteins are all plant-based. Then we top it with your favorite garnish or dressing.”

See UNC Health’s new bowls, along with bowls from HHS, ADC, Aramark Student Nutrition and Alaska Seafood.

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