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10 ways for food service chefs to fire up the flavors of Spain

Virtually voyage to Barcelona and beyond with these key spices and iconic Spanish dishes, perfect for an outdoor pop-up or clambake this fall.

As onsite chefs are pursuing many different serving styles and considering many changing scenarios due to the coronavirus pandemic, dining outdoors has emerged as a great way to social distance while still breaking bread together. While that set up is of course dependent on weather, if the sun is still shining in your neck of the woods, outdoor feasts could be a high point for your customers as we get into the late summer portion of an unprecedented year in foodservice.

Spanish paella and other dishes of Spain lend themselves to outdoor cooking (bonus points if you can rustle up a giant pan) and serving high volume. Ingredient lists for Spanish dishes are most often a minimum, focusing on simplicity of flavor. In dishes like paella, it’s easy to use what’s on hand and customize to your crowd. With just a handful of different spices, you can leverage everyday ingredients into a taste of Barcelona and beyond.

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