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12 ways pork makes Asian food crazy irresistible

Savory-sweet umami overload is a wonderful thing in dishes like Korean pork belly sliders, Vietnamese noodle salad, porky pot stickers, succulent bao buns, bacon-miso yakitori skewers and more. Plus, recipes.

Nose-to-tail use of the whole pig is very possible in many Asian cuisines, down to the bones, which can make an incredibly rich broth for ramen. And pork roasts and shoulders are a great protein to stand up to bold, fiery flavors. That said, it’s hard to beat the belly when it comes to the perfect balance of crisp and fatty textures, sweet and savory flavors and a lacquered finish that begs to be scooped up in a soft bun. Take a look at how chefs are going hog wild with Asian dishes.

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