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14 smart ways to help food service customers smash their wellness goals

Here’s how you can help customers make healthier choices, educated them on the food-mind-body connection, maybe put a dent in the “COVID 15” pounds some of us have gained this year and most importantly, help them use good food to feel great.

Chefs and dietitians agree—what you eat affects your overall wellness. While we all want comfort during this tumultuous year, now’s the time to take another look at healthy menu items, a true key to your customers’ wellness.

“Health and well-being have become front and center since the start of the pandemic, making it more important than ever to set that intent, to set goals for ourselves,” says Tina Makker, MS RD CNSC, director of wellness for Sodexo. New Jersey-based Makker started her career on the healthcare side, helping hospital patients learn to change their diets for the better. Now, she’s working to help Sodexo accounts across the board offer healthier choices on the menu.  

Sodexo’s established wellness-focused platforms like Mindful and Simple Servings help to “make the healthy choice the easy choice,” Makker says.

Read on to see examples of those programs at West Virginia University, along with ideas from other operators to nudge your customers and make the healthy choice the tasty, even comforting choice.  

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