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16 eye-opening breakfast items to wake up your menu

The latest toasts, bowls, sandos, plates and more to get your breakfast mojo rising with the sun.

Your customers just might become full-on breakfast fanatics when you introduce these adventurous kick-starters to your menu, from savory to sweet, from iconic to unusual. Whether you serve breakfast at daybreak or as part of a late-night snack (we see you, college campuses getting ready for finals!), it’s a smart move to make your breakfast memorable as well as convenient. There’s something to be said about building up strong breakfast inspiration, wherever it pops up on your menu. 

We found some very cool items from onsite chefs who have found breakfast success. The items range from an evolution of avocado toast to bowls with plant-based, low-carb ingredients to sweet tooth-tempting French toasts to fired-up breakfast burritos to bagel sandwiches with layers of flavor to international savory bites like cauliflower fried rice to wild cards like dragon’s eggs or the new-to-us British Breakfast, complete with baked beans, black pudding and tomatoes.

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