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18 pizza trends, styles and tips for a bigger piece of the pie

Even when pizza is bad, it’s still pretty good. But why settle for “pretty good” when you can create primo pizzas with a few out-of-the-box ideas? Take it from Joe Pettit, nutrition services field officer at Charleston (SC) County School District (CCSD), where the same personal pan pizza had been served for more than a decade—and was doing just fine, thank you. But Pettit was striving for more…a bigger piece of the pie.

“Everyone knows the number-one thing kids love is pizza—at the middle, elementary and high school level,” Pettit says. “I can even remember that old rectangular pizza from my high school. We loved it! But we have to have it at a higher level now, because they’re wanting to see different stuff.”

Read on to find out how the foodservice crews at CCSD, and also Park Nicollet Hospital, Microsoft HQ, Asenzya spice company and Duke University are overhauling their thought process and heating up their pizza prowess.

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