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3 Quick Bites: Is pea milk the next almond milk?

3 Quick Bites: Is pea milk the next almond milk?

Study finds that pictures on cake boxes could cause us to overeat
That picture on the front of the cake box sure looks like an invitation to party. But that party could consist of about 135 percent more calories than the recommended serving size if you go by the photo. According to new research by the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, decadent depictions of cake on cake mix boxes can cause consumers to significantly overestimate the correct servings size, especially if it’s frosted. “If we see a cake smothered in frosting on the cake box, we think that is what is normal to serve and eat, but that’s not what is reflected in the serving size recommendation on the nutrition label,” says lead author and researcher John Brand, PhD.

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Is pea milk the next almond milk?
Pea milk…it’s not what you think (if you were thinking that it would be green and taste like peas). According to a new article in Food 52, pea milk is poised to become a strong contender in the world of plant-based milk. The new product, called Ripple, is made with yellow peas, so the color isn’t green. It will be available at Whole Foods soon and claims to be healthier than dairy milk with more calcium and the same amount of protein. 

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Crawfish boil in action
Sometimes called crayfish, crawdads or mudbugs, crawfish are the star of a Cajun tradition: the crawfish boil. Legend has it that crawfish came from full-sized lobsters that traveled from Nova Scotia to find the early Cajuns who had left them there. According to the old story, the lobsters shrunk somehow during the journey. Folklore aside, this video at Eater by travel columnist Lucas Peterson shows exactly how to eat the tiny “lobsters.”

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