3 quick bites: Take a step into the food trend time machine

3 quick bites: Take a step into the food trend time machine

Take a step into the food trend time machine
In 1970, quiche was the hippest thing on the menu. In 1983, penne alla vodka was totally awesome and in 1991 it was Chinese chicken salad. See the way food trends have shifted and changed over the last 40 years in a new slideshow by Good Housekeeping.

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Deep dish pizza-hot dog mashup at Wrigley Field
What do you get when you Frankenstein two iconic Windy City foods? An especially crazy limited-time offer that Eater Chicago calls an “unholy matrimony of Chicago foodstuffs.” Available for just a short time for adventurous Cubs fans at Wrigley Field, the Chicago-Style Hot Dog Deep Dish Pizza is a deep-dish pizza crust topped with chopped hot dogs, sport peppers, tomatoes, onions and mustard. 

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Liquor you can lick?
Chef, caterer and mad scientist Will Rogers had come up with a way to turn booze into a frozen scoop—an ice cream-like treat without dairy and with the ability to get you tipsy. He calls it Below 21 & Over Alcohol Scoops. He uses a custom blender that uses liquid nitrogen and a special gel to make the concoctions. “It retains alcohol,” Rogers told the Elgin Courier-News. “That’s the fun part.”

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